Single plattform Lübeck

The reflection and transmission processes of those signals within inhomogeneous bodies are complex and their prediction is challenging.

Each phase comprises a multitude of speci c requirements to the development platform.We investigate different wavelengths and employ curve fitting based on the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm to determine the unknown coefficients of the model e.g. Our evaluation shows promising results and distance estimation of up to 25~m is possible.In stream water we determined the mean error for the optical distance estimation of 0.04m.An upcoming medical application is the detection of the heart rate of patients.However, current UWB systems provide poor resolution and are only able to detect vessels with a large diameter, e.g. The detection and quantification of vascular dilation of thinner vessels is essential to develop wearable ultra-wideband based devices for real-time detection of cardiovascular conditions of the extremities.

Single plattform Lübeck

In this work, we propose optical distance estimation, which is the foundation for positioning.We combine the Beer-Lambert law and the inverse-square-law to model the channel of the medium.The system serves primarily to provide sound protection during offshore pile driving and offshore munitions blasting. secret partnervermittlung Bremerhaven The Big Bubble Curtain especially protects porpoises and seals which use ultrasound as orientation in water.The BMUB made a considerable contribution to cover costs for scientific research and further development.

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