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The return to the final A section can be recopied in the music, denoted by a phrase above the music (da capo), or a sign (da capo al segno), which is common in da capo arias. the initial section is contrasted with episodes in different keys and styles from the original A material.Rondos are typically used as the last movement of a Classical sonata, string quartet or symphony.rondeau: a medieval song/dance, ABa Aab ABvirelai: a medieval song/dance, Abba Asonata form: two contrasting key areas in the first section (exposition) are developed in the middle section (development) and return in the final section (recapitulation) in the tonic key. Trio - Minuet) to produce a larger ABA structure sonata-rondo: combines the contrasting rondo sections ABA-C-ABA with the sonata principles of an exposition, development and recapitulation.strophic: a vocal form consisting of several phrases.The musical form is repeated using different verses of text, as in a hymn or folksong.

Diatonic intervals are found within this type of scale.chromatic: using pitches outside of a particular diatonic scale, or using a succession of half steps.major tonality: pitches are related to a central pitch called the tonic.continuous variations: includes an ostinato -- a repeated bass line or set of chords (usually 4-8 measures) with continuous variations above the bass pattern.This term is also called a ground bass, a chaconne, and a passacaglia.Dine in the hotel's à la carte Lemon restaurant, or in the Zeppelin theme restaurant.Enjoy a drink in the stylish Blue Sky Bar & Lounge, or in the open-air bar with a view of the lake.

Single online Potsdam

homorhythms: the same rhythms in all parts, as in the singing of a hymn.counterpoint (noun; contrapuntal = adjective): like polyphony in that it has two or more compatible melodies performed simultaneously.commonly in Italian from the 17th-18th c., and then increasingly in other vernacular languageslargo, lento, adagio, andante, moderato, allegretto, allegro, presto, prestissimoqualifying terms: meno (less), pi (more), molto (very or much) poco a poco (little by little), assai (very) mosso (motion), sostenuto (sustained), non troppo (not too much) classifications of instrumentschordophone: string instrumentsaerophones: wind produces the sound (woodwinds and brass instruments)membranophone: a vibrating membrane produces the sound (drums)idiophone: sound is produced from the material (wood, glass, stone, metal)choir: vocal ensemblevoice ranges: bass, tenor, alto, soprano (from lowest to highest)choral: music written for a choira cappella: choral music without instrumental accompaniment, literally ? polychoral: two or more choirs in a composition, usually with an antiphonal or echo effectorchestra: large instrumental ensemble with stringsband: large instrumental ensemble without stringschamber ensembles: trio, quartet, quintet, sextet, octetstring trio: three string instrumentspiano trio: piano, violin, cellostring quartet: two violins, viola, cellopiano quintet: piano and a string quartetbrass quintet: 2 trumpets, french horn, trombone, tuba wind quintet: flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, french hornsyllabic: one syllable sung to each notemelismatic: one syllable sung to several notes sacred: religious music, often for the church liturgy (services) secular: worldly, non-religious music, usually in the vernacularvernacular: texts in the language of the people (English, French, Spanish, German, etc.)Generally capital letters are used to distinguish different sections of a composition. A lowercase letter refers to the same music but new text.A prime number after the capital refers to a variation of the music from the original section.modified strophic: simply means that the repetitions of the sections are varied slightly, but not so much that they are a significant variation or the form: two sections of music, with only the first section A repeated. Alternative singlebörse hamburg Many hymns use the far form.binary form: two sections of music, usually with each A and B section repeated. When a group dances are combined into a suite, the dances generally all stay in the same key.Participation in the program requires meeting a specific set of criteria and takes feedback from previous guests into account. The ladies at the reception were extraordinary friendly and helpful. The guys working at the bar were extremely polite and entertaining.

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