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Next to our school is Alaunpark, the Central Park of our neighborhood, where you can relax and spend your free time.nach oben is in the middle of the action, yet located in a quiet, green place.Humaneness, dignity and respect are the basis of our communication with our employees, course participants and partners.In this context, Kästner Kolleg is involved with projects that help people and groups in need, such as the Dresden project , for which we provide classrooms, or the donation marathon, in which athletes run for donations to the organization Sonnenstrahl e.

Additionally, Kästner Kolleg actively participates in the yearly event “Dresden Intercultural Days” and takes a stand against xenophobia and racism in our society.offers an alternative to the large, impersonal courses that can be found at other institutions.Our students prefer to learn foreign languages in an effective, practice-oriented and enjoyable manner.We are a TANDEM® School, as such the organization of language tandems is part of our service as is our cultural program.With these added features our course participants can get to know Germany, Saxony, and the local people even better.

Sex dating seiten Dresden

This year we are celebrating our school’s fifteenth birthday and are happy to look back on our achievements and look forward to our future.In connection with this, we’d like to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to our success. Uwe Kästner, is a doctor of linguistics and has more than 25 years of language teaching experience.nach oben In our newly expanded and updated school you will find 10 bright, well-equipped classrooms.Further we have a library, media center, a comfortable cafeteria with a self-service kitchen, and WIFI throughout. zur rechten vnd zur linckhen 15 Zwu schneiden die wehr thut weisen In denen Nachreisen mit sampt seinen stuckhen 20 Zuckhen.

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Zornhaw mit seinen stucken 4 Zwingerhaw mit seine stucken 14 Zwifachlerne winckh.Alongside our German courses for foreigners, offers further languages such as English, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Russian, of course all taught by native speakers.This creates a truly international atmosphere in our school, it’s multicultural in the best sense of the word.That means that our students learn in small groups with qualified native speakers as their teachers, we apply communicative teaching methods and use up-to-date teaching materials and modern media and classrooms. Before they start a course at , they complete a placement test which we use to select a suitable group for them.A detailed consultation regarding our students’ goals and opportunities and regular progress checks are a matter of course.

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