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Hope you understand the previous two sections well (1 - C# Crystal Reports Date Paramater, 2 - C# Dynamic logon parameters in Crystal Reports).

Here we are creating two date parameter and pass it to Crystal Report at run time also the Crystal Report using dynamic logon parameter to access database.

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Для отправки писем используется протокол SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol).In the previous sections explains How to pass C# Crystal Reports Date Paramater and also explain C# Dynamic logon parameters in Crystal Reports.So before we start this section take a look at the previous sections because we are here using sections from these tutorial.Select the default form (Form1.cs) you created in CSharp and drag two Textboxs (from date entry and to date entry) , a button and Crystal Report Viewer control to your form.The Crystal Reports file path in your project files location, there you can see Crystal Report1.

Netdating for ældre Varde

This article presents a technical look into the numeric data types supported by classic Visual Basic, VBA, VB. A conversion diagram shows how to achieve lossless type conversion. The latter is also the maximum Single literal you can write in VB6 code. NET: Na N, Positive Infinity and Negative Infinity are special values of Single. The integral part is the date, the fraction is the time. ) and one second before midnight is −36522.9999884259 (even less). There are surprising peculiarities in several types. You can, however, create a Variant whose subtype is Decimal using the CDec function. VB6: The maximum Single is 3.40282E 38 when displayed. Sample dates: #1/1/1900# = 2, #1/1/2000# = 36526, #1/1/2100# = 73051. An hour is equal to 1/24, a minute is 1/1440 and a second is 1/86400. You can even store fractions of a second, but VB6 has no functionality for the fractions. Midnight #1/1/1800# equals −36522, but noon #1/1/1800# is −36522.5 (less than midnight!After the creation of selection formula you can close that screen .Now the designing part is over and the next step is to call the Crystal Reports in C# and view it in Crystal Reports Viewer control .Createting two date parameters (date From and date To). and we are making the formula like , select all records from the tables whose order date is between from Date parameter and to Date paramater .

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