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Power would have been provided with overhead wires.

endate Tårnby

The light rail model would have used the same approach as the tram in Ørestad, but would instead have run through a tunnel in the city centre.The 34 trains are of the Ansaldo Breda Driverless Metro class and stationed at the Control and Maintenance Center at Vestamager.The trains are 2.65 m (8 ft 8 in) wide and three cars long; their 630-kilowatt (840 hp) power output is supplied by a 750-volt third rail.Through the city center and west to Vanløse, M1 and M2 share a common line.To the southeast, the system serves Amager, with the 13.9-kilometre (8.6 mi) The system is owned by Metroselskabet, which is owned by the municipalities of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg, and the Ministry of Transport.

Endate Tårnby

The tunnel sections would be shorter, but the diameter larger because it would have to accommodate overhead wires.The system would have the same frequency as the tram, but use double trams and would therefore require larger stations.Stage 2 involved the establishment of the company Frederiksbergbaneselskabet I/S in February 1995, owned 70% by the Ørestad Development Corporation and 30% by Frederiksberg Municipality. match dating Holbæk The third stage would be built by Østamagerbaneselskabet I/S, established in September 1995 and owned 55% by the Ørestad Development Corporation and 45% by Copenhagen County.Through Ørestad it would have had level crossings, except for a grade-separated crossing with the European Route E20 and the Øresund Line.

It would have had a driver and have operated at about a 150-second interval—twice the cycle time of the city's traffic lights.

The metro solution was chosen because it combined the highest average speeds, the highest passenger capacity, the lowest visual and noise impact, and the lowest number of accidents.

Despite requiring the highest investment, it had the highest net present value.

So in terms of capacity, is the Copenhagen Metro more equal to system with 8 cars and 12 tph (or trains every fifth minute).

Planning of the Metro started in 1992 as part of the redevelopment plans for Ørestad with construction starting in 1996, and stage 1, from Nørreport to Vestamager and Lergravsparken, opened in 2002.

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