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In spite of the fact that in 1985 MODERN TALKING was at the top of their success, Dieter managed to find time for a new project. Later the kings of rap and dance Captain Hollywood&T. All the songs were written by Dieter Bohlen, he also thought of the album name: CATCH THE CATCH (i.e. And this is in spite of the fact that there were only eight original songs, the seven of which were maxi versions. There is one mysterious story connected with this song.

The same evening Dieter invited the young singer to his studio, and in some time he offered her to sign a profitable contract. In 1985 Bohlen became her producer; it was he who thought of the name for the new project. On one album, issued in Germany there was a new name: CARO C. Whether it didn't settle down, or something else, but this fact did not influence her further carrier in any way, and I like the song very much.

In the same year Caroline was awarded the Disco Queen title, which on the one hand had grown a bit dim because of a great number of challengers, but on the other hand was awarded to the most outstanding singers.But Caro had three ideal qualities: she could sing well, look great and move on the stage. senior dating dk Lyngby-Taarbæk I knew that one day a real producer would find her, that's why she had to go on working hard".Caroline Catherine Muller, that is the real name of C. Catch, was born on July 31, 1964 in Holland in a small city of Osse.Caroline's parents were the citizens of the neighboring states.

Dinslaken singles

The girl-band recorded two singles in Germany: "ER war magnnetisch" and "The goodbye", and went on a tour around Germany. In 1985 OPTIMAL quartet was noticed by the producer and member of MODERN TALKING Dieter Bohlen at a competition of young singers. The public curiosity was bated - on the cover there was a beautiful girl, and on the reverse side there was her name - Carolina Muller. CATCH became her pseudonym, making Caroline with her unsurpassed voice the disco queen.He immediately marked the "brilliant" vocal of one of the quartet participants, Caroline Muller. the first two letters of her name and the word "Catch" as a synonym if the hit idea. In summer 1985 on Caroline's birthday, they recorded the debut single of C. The second song became even more popular than the first one, at that time in spring 1986 they issued their first album. On the disk cover there was her favourite black cat - Morty. Her father said once: "If you want to please my daughter, give her a cat made of wood, glass, plastic; she collects them and has got a great number of them at home." The debut album became a platinum one in Germany and a golden one in Spain.Those, who didn't want to work overtime on Fridays, were oppressed. kostenlose singlebörsen Dortmund Overhours were not paid for, the workers even were not allowed to take days-off for them. Thus, Carline's recollections about this period in her life are rather dark.At that moment Caroline preferred female environment, the name of their new group was OPTIMAL (producer - Peter Kent). But up to the next release her personality and her name remained unknown to the most part of the audience, as they could see neither her name, nor her photo.

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