1873 saa-22 single action revolver

All of the rounds grouped around 1.5″ at 15 yards and around 2.5″ from 25.

If you are looking for a fun and slick looking single action revolver, you could so a heck of a lot worse than this Uberti Cattleman. The base model Hombres can be found for as little as 0 from time to time.

One less thing that could go wrong at the worst possible time.

1873 saa-22 single action revolver

The two main differences are how the cylinder pin is held in place and the ejector.The wheel guns of lawmen and outlaws alike was the Colt 1873.Original Colts are getting more and more expensive and then there is the risk of shooting a 100 plus year old revolver. Thanks to some of our Italian brothers, we can shoot reproductions of the classic old west guns without fear for safety, damaging a collectable, and with out breaking the bank. They have been the primary supplier of parts for the likes of Taylor’s, Cimarron and Taurus for years.The MIL-STD-1913 under-frame rail of the FNS 66942 accepts tactical lights and lasers.Chambered in the hard-hitting .40 S& W, the FNS 40 offers the simplicity of double-action striker-fired operation with fully ambidextrous operating controls for ease of use with either hand and from any shooting position.

1873 saa-22 single action revolver

The rear notch is on the top of the grip frame and the front sight is a wide blade soldered to the barrel. Our groups were not super tight, but not bad at all with the slightly heavy and gritty trigger.We shot Winchester white box, Hornady Cowboy and some Remington SWC.That brings us to one of the most well known and trusted names in the world of reproduction 19 century arms, A. But in the last few years, I have seen more and more Ubertis for sale under their own name. The Cattleman line of revolvers is Uberti’s take on the Colt Peacemaker.They offer the Cattleman in a number of different configurations and finishes, not that much different from how Colt did it 100 years ago. There are two main types of the original Colt 1873.The case harden finish is great, with plenty of color. I could live with the weight on this one if the grit and creep was gone. I wrote a DYI Ruger single action trigger job article awhile back.

Some of the Italian made guns can lack on the colors in the case hardened parts, but not this one. If there is enough feedback I will do one for the Colt and clones.

On the early, black powder, style revolvers, the cylinder pin is held in place with a screw. It is possible for the recoil to loosen the screw and it can even fall out.

On the newer ones, a spring-loaded latch that holds it in place. The early style is bigger, sometimes called the bull’s eye style. The extractor’s shape is more of a personal preference thing. You can still make it go bang without the screw, but it would be far from reliable.

With a little bit of trigger work it trigger work it would be even better. I have a Taylor 1873 in .357, with the gunfighter grips & backstrap will the larger backstrap fit other 1873s such as the uberti 1873 cattleman?

If you are looking to get into Cowboy Action Shooting, get one with a shorter barrel to clear your holster faster. If you are looking for a single action to carry, get a Ruger and load 6 safely. The smaller grips on the cattleman are a little uncomfortable.

1873 saa-22 single action revolver-47

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